Border Biscuits

Border Biscuits

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100 Twinpacks 5 Varieties - Individually Wrapped Biscuit Portion Twin Packs


Border Biscuits 5 Varieties Pack (100)

Our best selling individually wrapped biscuit portions.

By using good old fashioned ingredients to create traditional flavours and textures we aim to take your taste-buds on a highly enjoyable trip down memory lane. 

Each of the 100 mini packs contain two perfectly-formed biscuit in five irresistible flavours


Five Varieties of Biscuit:

Viennese Whirls - Remember the good old days?
They’re now even better because only the finest natural vanilla goes into our lightly baked swirls of biscuit luxury.

Butterscotch Crunch - The fantastic, yet often forgotten flavour of butterscotch helps create a memorably crunchy honeycomb textured buttery biscuits.

Oat Crumbles - We’ve tried hard to make the oatiest, crumbliest, biscuits you’ve ever tasted. One bite and you’ll know if we’ve succeeded.

Choc Chip - Cookies don’t come any more moorish than these richly rewarding Chocolatey creations.

Shortbread - Borders special family recipe made for melt in the mouth indulgence.